How to open keyboard on iOs with JS

A little bit outdated topics like this one or this one gave me no answer to question "how do I force iPad to open keyboard on my web page?".

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HTML <keygen/> tag

SSL encryption is widely used now. Google even switched their search service on using SSL. Considering how these guys are crazy on webpage transfer and rendering speed and consumer data safety this could be the proof of SSL's fantastic speed and secyrity characteristics.

SSL certificate is a one way security method, which means that consumer is protected of fake server authority. What if we are interested in 2 way protection? Here it comes the <keygen/> tag functionality.

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Deploying windows applications with capistrano

Application deploy process is very common practice in web development. Each time new release is ready an automated deploy system is been launched.

Some experience in building and maintaining complicated visual installations gave me awareness that visual installations deploy process is such needed as in web system world. Exhibitions, permanent installations, shop windows etc requires 24/7 application run mode and approximately no downtime at all.

Deployment tools are rare example of universal tool which could operate in very dissimilar environments. And here in this topic I'll show how to make capistrano and windows applications work together.

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StaticMe: Simplest web server for serving static files

Here is simpliest web server for testing your javascript / html / css through local network interface.

This might be helpful if you are testing your site on mobile device. Suppose you want to do a quick fixes and check them immediately on side device.

This script is a rack based web server which launches in current folder and serves static files through port 8080.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'rubygems'
require 'rack'

staticMe = do
  run Dir.pwd )
end, :port => 8080)
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When Cramp failed to render response

Recently I was developing some websockets application based using cramp framework.

And accidentally got stopped by very strange behaviour: WebSocket intance sent data fine but didn't recieved any. Neither any errors in console nor in Thin logs.

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Bash tips: how to resize image set canvas

I have a set of images in some dimension, e.g. 128x200. And I have to resize every pic in the set to new dimension 256x256 with transparent background.

There is a quick bash tip for it:

# cd to a folder with pic set
cd pics_folder
# folder for tmp stuff
mkdir tmp
# creating of transparent canvas with actual size
convert -size 256x256 xc:transparent tmp/canvas.png
# for-loop over every file in set
for f in *.png
composite -gravity center $f tmp/canvas.png $f
# remove tmp folder
rm -r tmp
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Debugging native processing applications on MacOS

Recently I got stuck with debugging my VLCJVideo binding. Everything was fine if it run as processing sketch, but nothing happened if it launched as native application. How to look under the native application's hood?

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Simple image cacher for Processing

There is very common case downloading huge collection of images from some APIs through network.

And sure it's very important to minimize network traffic during our sketch is in work.

One should care about it considering decreasing launchtime and optimal memory usage for sketch.

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VLCJ Processing binding

Video rendering is one of the weakest Processing sides at all.

Native Processing video is based on Andres Colubri's GSVideo library which uses GStreamer as video backend.

I guess everyone knows that there is even more powerfull framework for video: VLC.

So, let's make Processing and VLC to be friends!

VLC + Processing

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